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For the casual enthusiast and hockey fanatic alike comes a collection of essays and photographs celebrating the grit and dedication of hockey players to withstand injury and hardship to play the sport they love. Based on the author’s interviews with key figures and capturing the inside stories of superstars old and new, Hockey Strong is one of a kind.


Hockey Strong:

Stories of Sacrifice from inside the NHL

Todd Smith

Author, Columnist, Freelancer

Todd Smith is a contributing writer for the Minnesota Wild of the NHL Network. His hockey stories have been published in USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey. Smith studied very little at the University of Montana before becoming a Twin Cities publishing veteran, and his work has appeared in The Rake Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, and Twin Cities Magazine.




With a disciplined blue collar work ethic and a keen eye for detail, Smith has provided quality content for the most reputable publishers, magazines, and websites in the Twin Cities and beyond.


An oddball inquisitiveness has guided Smith’s journalism career from the beginning. His work has covered everything from the brutal world of hockey to his son’s heart surgery to the blue collar trenches of his daily work life.


Smith once entered a chicken wing eating competition wearing an Elvis costumer. He attended Lebowski Fest dressed as the Southern California Bowling Commissioner. And then there was the time he witnessed a Christmas tree commit suicide. These are the stories of his life. Seriously.

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